About Woodshire Civic Club

The purpose of Woodshire Civic Club is to bring residents of the Woodshire subdivision in Houston, Texas, together at regular intervals for civic betterment of the following nature:

  • To maintain the residential character of our community which this association represents, and to safeguard the individual and collective property investments of the residents from encroachment by business or undesirable elements or conditions, through the enforcement of deed restrictions and other appropriate remedies
  • To encourage improvements in the appearance of our homes and properties
  • To promote social activities
  • To take concerted action on all matters which will in any way affect the welfare of this community, and to cooperate with other civic clubs in a common effort to build a better city for the citizens of Houston, Texas


All resident and non-resident property owners of the Woodshire subdivision are eligible to become members upon minimum payment of $200 annual dues.  

Dues are needed to cover existing security patrol, mosquito spraying, website hosting, and insurance, and for new esplanade maintenance, beautification initiatives, newsletter, social events and much more! 

 All of this is for our benefit, and the benefit of our property values. Your neighborhood needs you so don’t delay!

Pay Your Dues Today

Dues  Payment Levels (as of May 2022)
Regular Dues: $200 (annually)
Optional Gold Contribution: $300 (annually)
Optional Platinum Contribution: $500 (annually) or more

Pay by Check
Mail/drop a check (made payable to Woodshire Civic Club) to 4115 Leeshire Houston, TX 77025

Pay by Zelle
Send payment through Zelle (available through most banks) to woodshirecc@gmail.com

Pay by PayPal/Credit Card
Click here

2022 Meeting Schedule

***All meetings 6:30PM – 8:00 PM CT @ Linkwood Community Center***

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