Deed Restrictions

Woodshire is a deed-restricted community and we take that seriously. Before you consider building or remodeling:

Check the Deed Restrictions for your property and submit your plans to the Woodshire Deed Restrictions Committee for approval as outlined below.

Please note the standard review procedure is to submit final building plans and a plat plan, along with a $300.00 review fee.  Hard copy D size drawings (24” x 36”) are preferred.  The Woodshire Deed Restrictions Committee will review and target to issue a letter within 30 days from submittal.  In most cases, turnaround is less than two weeks.

Please mail/drop the plans, and a check for the $300.00 review fee (made payable to Woodshire Civic Club), to the Chair of the Woodshire Deed Restrictions Committee at 4031 Mischire Dr Houston, TX 77025.

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