Stella Link Sweep! Saturday June 4th @ 9AM

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to the inaugural Woodshire Civic Club “Stella Link Sweep”! 

We made quite a dent in the amount of trash along both sides of Stella Link and the esplanades headed down to 610.  It looks much better today, but we know that the trash will return, so we will plan to have another Stella Link Sweep, likely in July – stay tuned for details. It is our hope that by regularly picking-up along Stella Link it shifts people’s mindsets away from this being a place where it’s somehow OK to just litter all over the place.  We know there are some unique challenges with the commercial businesses in the area and hope to get them involved in the solution longer term as well.
Here is a photo collage of the event – apologies, we missed some people who were there, we will better plan a group photo next time!
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