Woodshire Adopts Esplanades at 9300 Stella Link

Woodshire has officially adopted the three esplanades at 9300 Stella Link (just south of Leeshire) through the City of Houston Adopt-An Esplanade Program.  This means that the Woodshire Civic Club is now responsible for mowing, edging, de-littering, and maintaining the esplanades. In addition we obtained tree trimming permits from the Urban Forestry division to trim 5 trees along the esplanades. The tree trimming has been completed (looks way better!) and we recently had the area mowed/edged.

The ground is still in bad shape after years of neglect but our goal is to restore the land through regular maintenance and care, and prepare it to support potential landscaping. At that time we will likely select native plants and flowers that do not require supplemental irrigation, and will work the City on a landscaping plan. We also intend to plant additional trees on the two esplanades that are immediately south of Leeshire. 

If you like these type of improvements in our area please be sure to pay your Civic Club dues if you haven’t done so already because those funds go directly towards beautification initiatives like these.  

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