Woodshire Civic Club May 18th Meeting Follow-up


Thanks to everyone who attended the Woodshire Civic Club meeting held on May 18. For those who weren’t able to make it, the slides we presented are attached, along with extensive meeting minutes courtesy of our new Recording Secretary, Mary Shapiro. Also included are the minutes from the prior April 20 meeting that were approved.  
And a couple additional items:
  • Please take a few minutes to complete the Woodshire 2022 Neighborhood Survey – we value your input/feedback 
  • Please take a moment and pay your Civic Club dues if you have not already done so – we ask each household to contribute at least $200. Dues are needed to cover existing security patrol, mosquito spraying, website hosting, and insurance, and for new esplanade maintenance, website redesign, newsletters, social events and much more! 
    • Payment can be made by check to 4115 Leeshire (made payable to Woodshire Civic Club), or by Zelle (offered through most banks) or PayPal to woodshirecc@gmail.com. A check or payment by Zelle is strongly preferred, as PayPal charges fees that come out of each dues payment. 
In closing, we are excited for what this year has in store for Woodshire – many changes are coming that will help improve our neighborhood and surrounding community.  And will leave you with this final thought: be the change you want to see in Woodshire. The Board cannot do it alone, now is the time to step up and get involved. It will take everyone participating in their own unique way if we are to truly elevate Woodshire to the place we dream it could be.  
Christian Gubitz
President, Woodshire Civic Club


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