Woodshire Neighborhood Night Out 2022 – Success!


Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to our inaugural Woodshire Neighborhood Night Out! It was truly an awesome event for our community. 

I want to recognize Mary Shapiro who did a phenomenal job leading the planning and organization of the festivities. And many thanks to Liane Lacour, Basil Colston, and the Carbajal family for hosting, Jonna Hitchcock for securing the awesome band (Cover Story), the rest of our Board members for raising the bar throughout this year, and the multitude of Civic Club volunteers who contributed to making it a successful night.

Please see below for a link to some photos to remember the evening by, and to those who couldn’t make it, what you can hopefully look forward to next year 🙂


Woodshire Civic Club exists to bring our neighborhood together and make it stronger, so we appreciate everyone’s support. If you haven’t gotten involved or joined the Club yet, it is never too late:



Christian Gubitz
President, Woodshire Civic Club

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